About The Columbian Assocation

Columbian Hall Once Known as the K of C Hall is Making a Change
Our Columbian Association, a Non-Profit corporation that operates the Columbian Hall, is making a shift in how we serve our Banquet, Party, Quinceanera, Reception or Meeting customers. However, the shift will not affect the range or quality of services we offer those who choose to hold their event at the Columbian Hall. Specifically, in the future, the Association will be partnering with Auntrill Rouse, owner of Divine Creations Event Decorating Service, LLC, a Sierra Vista company, who will provide decoration, food service and staffing for events while the Association will rent the room and associated facilities. If all goes according to schedule this change will be complete by the end of June this year. Clients who have reserved a date for an event need not be concerned because your date is on our calendar if you have made a room deposit, If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you and our community as we have for over 50 years.

The Columbian Association of Sierra Vista is a fraternal organization incorporated in the State of Arizona by the members of local Knights of Columbus Council to own, operate, manage and maintain the Columbian Hall.

Out facility is a valuable asset to our neighborhood, the “West End” and the entire Sierra Vista community. Neighborhoods must maintain educational, recreational, religious and community-building infrastructure and activity in order to remain “healthy”.  The Columbian Hall contributes to the “social capital” of our neighborhood by providing a venue for many non-profit organizations’ fundraising efforts as well as a location for many social and meeting functions of various organizations and businesses. Please consider the Columbian Hall as the venue for your next event.

Please complete the form on our Home Page and our approved caterer will call you to discuss your specific needs and desires..