Contact Us

We ask that you contact us regarding room rental by completing the form on our home page and allowing us two business days to get back to you by phone.

The Columbian Association phone and email is checked most every morning but we are a volunteer organization and frequently do not have staff available to respond immediately.


If you have submitted an inquiry regarding holding an event at the Columbian Hall in Sierra Vista within the last month or so and you haven’t heard back from us as of  1 March 2021, please email Dan at and he should able to locate and review your inquiry.  Also, if you already have a booked event that is confirmed and upcoming within the next few weeks or so and you haven’t heard back from anyone in the last few months, please email Dan as well.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but due to recent issues and constraints, we are trying our best to manage our way though all the restrictions and quarantines..  We thank you for your attention and understanding concerning this matter.

Emails: Facility Manager –

President –

Office phone number – (520) 458-3939