About Our Facilities

  • Main hall – 400 guest maximum, fully stocked bar, internal sound system, WiFi, dance floor, stage for band or DJ.
  • Lower hall – 80 guest maximum, fully stocked bar, WiFi, area for small dance floor, band and DJ.
  • Food service: Self-served buffet, served buffet, or full table service.
  • Menus: Luncheon, dinner and hors d’oevures. We are very flexible and want to meet your specific desires.
  • Catering: We will be happy to cater an event at your location.
  • Tables: Round and/or rectangular available.
  • Smoking: Not allowed in our facility but a covered-outdoor smoking area with table & chairs is provided.
  • Meetings: Complimentary beverage bar with unlimited self-serve coffee, tea, water are offered as part of our meeting rental package.
  • Staff: We utilize well trained paid and volunteer staff. We guarantee that our staff will show you real “Southwestern Hospitality,” and serve you excellent food. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your next banquet, party, wedding, wedding reception or meeting. Please fill out the form on our home page and we will call you.